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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Sep 28, 2016






Join JT and Jeff in welcoming 3 guests to the podcast for episode 90. Heather, Maxine, and Alisha join JT and Jeff for a discussion around Women in Gaming.


Heather Newton is working to create a murder mystery dinner party kit with a flexible guest list. She has created a table top social deduction game...

Sep 21, 2016






For episode 89 JT and Jeff discuss strategies about using the various characters in The Captain is Dead - Episode 1; thanks to another listener request!


And while we're on the topic, The Captain is Dead - Episode 3 will be on Kickstarter later today!






Sep 14, 2016






JT and Jeff take on another sweet, sweet listener request! Ohhh yeahh!


On episode 88, JT breaks down and talks about some of the secret stuff coming up at The Game Crafter... sort of... Give the episode a listen to hear for yourself.






Sep 7, 2016






JT and Jeff review the listener topic of self-reviews on episode 87.

What do JT and Jeff think of the practice? What, if anything, should The Game Crafter do about self-reviewing your game? Are there things that could be added to the review process in general that would be helpful?