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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Oct 26, 2016







Does The Game Crafter need a Featured Showcase to help promote the quality games that can be found on The Game Crafter?


This is the topic of the latest listener request that JT and Jeff discuss for Episode 94.






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Oct 19, 2016







For episode 93, JT and Jeff discuss a listener request asking about any potential bulk order discounts that are not currently listed on the website.


JT and Jeff also discuss other reasons some people might utilize The Game Crafter for larger print runs of their games.


Episode 4 -Bulk Order Fulfillment 

Oct 12, 2016







Why yes! Yes we do take listener requested topics!


In episode 92, JT and Jeff tackle another listener request. This time, the discuss running a Protospiel event. And share a few questions you might want to ask yourself BEFORE tackling such an event.


Also, JT shares his new resource: Protospiel.Events 

Oct 6, 2016







Microphoned Men Muse Merrily on Many More Minis!


JT and Jeff bring you another sweet, sweet listener request! For episode 91, they discuss in a bit more detail the idea of more miniatures at The Game Crafter. 




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