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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Nov 29, 2017









JT and Jeff take on another sweet, sweet listener request. This time they discuss having more episodes about contest entries, why they can't discuss every contest, and why contests are important to game designers.




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Nov 22, 2017









JT and Jeff talk with another member of The Game Crafter community. This time Daniel Walthall joins JT and Jeff to discuss open source tools, Axebane's Deck of Many Dungeons, selling assets on the Game Design Asset shop, using Component Studio, and other tips and tricks Daniel has picked up along the...

Nov 15, 2017









JT and Jeff spend some time discussing Crafter Points thanks to another sweet, sweet listener request. So how can you earn them? How can you spend them? And what are the new ways recently implemented to use Crafter Points? JT answers all these questions and more on this episode of Soap... Errr.... The...

Nov 8, 2017









Desiree Adaway joins JT and Jeff to discuss her discovery and use of The Game Crafter, the success she's had with her product, and the years of consistent work she's put in building a community to become an "overnight success."


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Nov 1, 2017









JT discusses the new Bounty System that you can see in action right now over at The Game Crafter.


The Bounty System is a TGC internal crowdfunding source that allows the community to help bring new items, functionality, processes, etc... to The Game Crafter by pledging money towards those goals.