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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

May 25, 2016




What do listeners want to know more about?


Well for episode 72, at least one listener wants to hear what JT and Jeff have to say about rulebooks. So this subjective topic is discussed and both JT and Jeff weigh in with some of their thoughts on what is needed and what's not needed in a rulebook.





May 18, 2016




For episode 71, JT and Jeff get asked a curious question for a listener request. One, at first, they're not sure if they should talk about on the podcast.


But it doesn't take J and Jeff long to put their heads together, come up with a plan to tackle the topic, and bring along a guest to fill in some rater large...

May 11, 2016




It took 70 episodes, but JT finally goes political!


For this episode JT and Jeff discuss the new Referendums System: What it is, why it's needed, and what the community can go vote on right now.





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May 4, 2016




Episode 69 has JT and Jeff discussing alternative uses of The Game Crafter, beyond making games, thanks to another listener request.


From wedding season to business events, JT and Jeff talk about known ways The Game Crafter gets used.


And if you have an alternative use of The Game Crafter that we didn't cover;...