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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Sep 28, 2016






Join JT and Jeff in welcoming 3 guests to the podcast for episode 90. Heather, Maxine, and Alisha join JT and Jeff for a discussion around Women in Gaming.


Heather Newton is working to create a murder mystery dinner party kit with a flexible guest list. She has created a table top social deduction game called Night at Higsley Manor as a first step into exploring the best way to build a product like this.  Heather also runs a digital marketing consultancy under Newton Creative Solutions, LLC. 
You can get in touch with her through Twitter @OHmysteries or sign up to help play test her murder mystery game at 
Maxine Ekl started in game design while a stay at home mom. She co-founded Clever Playing Cards which self published two very clever card games only to discover marketing and sales weren’t her strong suits. She has since signed with Breaking Games to publish her latest card game, Stripes. Most recently, Maxine hosted the first Protospiel in Chicago which was attended by 5 publishers and over 50 game designers. She can be reached through Twitter @CPCgames or at
Alisha is an Illustrator by trade and a game designer at heart. She is currently designing a lane combat, city building game called War torn. Alisha is very much a night owl and is often found in the wee hours of the morning toiling away at art projects. She can be found at or on Twitter @AlishaVolkman













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