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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jan 27, 2016



JT and Jeff discuss the use of The Game Crafter's API, thanks to another listener request.



Developer's Forums: 


Developer API Help Section:




TGC Twitter: 

Jan 20, 2016



Episode 54 has JT and Jeff discussing the latest major updates introduced at THe Game Crafter: UV Coating and Laser Cut Chits!


JT and Jeff not only talk about what it took to make these updates a reality, but they discuss benefits and disadvantages, as well as any cost benefits and increases.


Have you always...

Jan 13, 2016



JT and Jeff are joined by two guests for Episode 53.


Christina and Mark Major join JT and Jeff to discuss their game ZERPANG and how a partnership with The Game Crafter is making this upcoming Kickstarter a reality. Not to mention creating some cool miniatures for their game.


Check out ZERPANG at:

Jan 6, 2016



We start 2016 with in one of our favorite ways: Answering a listener request!


In episode 52 JT and Jeff talk about some of the highest selling items and the lowest selling items on The Game Crafter.


JT and Jeff talk games and individual products available for purchase on The Game Crafter.