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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jul 30, 2016




Hot on the heels of episode 80, where a listener asked about custom shapes for various things!


JT and Jeff are here with Episode 81 to talk about custom punchouts for chipboard! This is a great new feature available to game designers on The Game Crafter! 


So take a listen to what JT and Jeff have to say about...

Jul 21, 2016




Another listener request comes in just in time for Episode 80.


JT and Jeff discuss the possibility of custom shapes and sizes for boxes, chipboard, and cards. Are these things possible? Are they already in the works? What are some possible limitations?  




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Jul 13, 2016




Episode 79 sees the return of the Publisher series.


This time JT and Jeff sit down with Alex and Derek from Cryptozoic to discuss how they used The Game Crater for their currently running Kickstarter; The Walking Dead No Sanctuary. And Alex and Derek also brought along the designers of the game, Adam and Brady...

Jul 6, 2016




Episode 78 has JT sharing with Jeff and all the listeners what plans The Game Crafter has for Gen Con 2016.


JT also talks about THE LAST auctions to demo your games at The Game Crafter's Booth.


The Game Crafter Auctions





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