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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Feb 28, 2018










JT and Jeff take on another listener request, but they decide to bring in a community member to add another perspective to the discussion.

So, is it better to use higher quality components or keep your costs as low as possible?


Jason Glover, from Grey Gnome Games, joins JT and Jeff to discuss...

Feb 22, 2018










What do JT and Jeff do when they get a listener request that lays out solid reasons the listener should be on the show?


They invite that person on the show, of course!


Join JT and Jeff as they talk to Jon Perry about his use of The Game Crafter in a similar fashion as Steam's early access. He...

Feb 14, 2018










You've asked for it! So JT and Jeff are delivering! 


They once again pick out a few entries from a contest, this time the Hook Box Challenge, and give their thoughts on why they added it to their list.


Hook Box Contest Entries:





Feb 7, 2018










Legacy games are all the rage a the moment. So what can you do at The Game Crafter to create a legacy style game?


That is what this week's listener request is all about. JT and Jeff discuss what already exists, what might be coming, and what isn't going to be possible when it comes to making a legacy...

Feb 1, 2018









Time for another "what happens" question!


What happens when a contest and a listener request align? JT and Jeff make it a topic for the podcast, of course!


This week, JT and Jeff take a look at some unique uses for unprinted components and try to offer some brainstorming ideas for anyone that might...