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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Sep 25, 2019








You know we love our Sweet, Sweet, Listener Requests! Do you know what else we love? Talking about playtest events like Protospiel and Unpub!


JT and Jeff take on a listener request about starting a playtest event and what to look at when starting this type of event. They spend some time on making sure...

Sep 18, 2019








Have you missed JT and Jeff talking about game mechanisms? Well, at least one listener did!


JT and Jeff discuss the game mechanisms of Rondel and Action Programming. Do they have a favorite and/or least favorite for these two mechanisms? Have they ever attempted to make a game that features a Rondel or...

Sep 11, 2019








JT and Jeff take on another great listener request! In this episode, they discuss considerations for pricing your game. JT brings the data points for different sized games that sell well at The Game Crafter. JT and Jeff also discuss casual gamers vs hardcore gamers spending habits. And if you should/are...