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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Mar 28, 2018










Boxception is here! Boxception is here!


Ok, JT tells Jeff why it can't be called Boxception. But JT does share some really cool new features thanks to the main one: Embedded Games. This is the ability to add a game within another game. combine that with the new foil wraps and the new booster box and...

Mar 22, 2018










A listener request about the Small Stout Box gives JT the chance to tell Jeff, and you the listener, about other potential Stout boxes in the works.  






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Mar 14, 2018










JT & Jeff take on another sweet, sweet listener request.


This time they talk about what you can do if you have a booth at a convention but don't have any product to sell. But do you really not have any product? We'll see if that theory holds true.


Running A Table At A Convention with The Game...

Mar 7, 2018










JT has something to say! And I think we all want to hear it.

JT and Jeff discuss the new quad-fold and 6-fold board process, what it means to the TGC staff, what it means to game designers, and the new options that come with this new process.


Not to mention getting the imagination going for what may...