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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Feb 25, 2015

JT & Jeff sit down this week to discuss The Rodneys. They talk a bit more about the judges for the 2 contests being run in association with Gamehole Con, when submissions are due, what the prizes are, and where you can find out more information.


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Feb 18, 2015

Welcome to this WEEKLY episode of The Game Crafter Official Podcast. That's right! JT & Jeff have decided they can tolerate one another long enough to bring you weekly content!


And to kick things off, JT invites Steven Dast on to help us discuss what a Sanity Test is, how to start one, what the testers are looking...

Feb 11, 2015

Sit back and relax as we tackle the longest episode to date. JT and Jeff take on the topic of The Game Crafter's queues, what they mean, how they are handled, what can cause delays, how things can shift in the queue, and much more. 


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