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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jun 28, 2018











JT wants to talk about a new project underway at The Game Crafter. But in order to do that he needs to bring on a special guest: Ben Moy!


Join JT, Jeff, and Ben as they discuss the new YouTube project: The Board Game Blueprint.


The Board Game Blueprint


Contact Ben about suggestions,...

Jun 20, 2018











Matt Worden joins JT and Jeff to discuss how things have changed at The Game Crafter. They also discuss Matt's decision to use The Game Crafter for his current Kickstarter project: Days of Discovery. 


Oh, and JT attempts to make Matt choose sides, but we won't hold that against him... yet...



Jun 14, 2018











Thanks to more great listener requests JT and Jeff have a new series they'll be recording as they get time to do the research.


And that series is on Mechanics/Mechanisms in game design! 


We understand some people are new to game design and may still be learning the various terms used to describe...

Jun 7, 2018











So you have a new game idea and maybe a fresh mechanism (in your mind) and you want to start on it. But first, you decide to research other games that might be similar to yours to make sure it's as new and fresh as you think it might be. Hours, maybe days, go by and you're still researching!