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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jul 26, 2017








JT shares what Board Game Candy is all about and booth plans for Gen Con with Jeff for episode 133.


Have you designed, or wanted to design, a fan expansion for an existing board game? Maybe you've wanted to upgrade components for an existing game? Well, Board Game Candy is here to satisfy both of those...

Jul 19, 2017








For episode 132, JT and Jeff look at pretty much the same listener request submitted by 2 different listeners!


To tackle such an in demand request, JT and Jeff talk with Zack Michael about not 1 but 2 of his successful Trading Card Games currently for sale on The Game Crafter.


Zack shares why he works...

Jul 12, 2017








JT and Jeff get personal in episode 131! 


JT and Jeff discuss the sensitive subject of when you should shelve or completely kill that game that just isn't working out.


In order to cover the topic, both JT and Jeff share their own stories about games that they are in the process of shelving, or have...

Jul 5, 2017








JT and Jeff take on another listener request and discuss how to make your game page more attractive to potential buyers.


Episode 130 also includes a new feature to assist you in the process of making your game page more attractive to potential buyers by allowing more control over how the game page...