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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Mar 30, 2016




JT and Jeff talk about the new contest over at The Game Crafter: The Gamehole Gauntlet Challenge!


Join JT and Jeff in episode 64, as they discuss what makes this particular contest unique.


A Co-Op Mechanic Discussion with The Game Crafter - Episode 63

Gamehole Gauntlet Contest Page





Mar 23, 2016




A listener request has JT and Jeff discussing co-op mechanics; what works well, what doesn't, and where does the alpha gamer fit in.

So sit back an enjoy episode 63 as JT and Jeff go through another brainstorming session specifically around co-op games.





TGC Twitter: 

Mar 16, 2016




Episode 62 is a listener request fueled discussion about how to utilize a slow reveal mechanic, utilizing components from The Game Crafter.

JT & Jeff brainstorm a bit and come up with more mechanic-based ideas than specifically component based ideas.





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Mar 9, 2016




JT & Jeff take on another listener request! For episode 61, they discuss the Auction System on The Game Crafter. JT takes us through the auction process and shares what some of the auctions have been for in the past.


The Ideas Process on The Game Crafter - Episode 14





Mar 2, 2016




For episode 60 (we've done 60 of these things!) JT and Jeff discuss the number 2 idea from the idea section: Coupons to sell games at lower MSRP


JT and Jeff deep dive into what this idea can mean; and JT asks for community feedback.


Coupons to sell games at lower MSRP