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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jan 29, 2020









JT and Jeff discuss another great topic from a sweet, sweet, listener request!

What can it take to dust off a game that you previously shelved and how do you start the process of looking at the game again when you know the roadblocks that previously made you shelve it

In this episode, JT's game Magnate...

Jan 15, 2020









So you've made a game or are starting to make a game, and you get stuck because you can't think of a good name for the game. You're not alone. Naming your games is a hard part of the process. 

JT and Jeff walk through some of the things they've done while trying to name games and also offer a few...

Jan 10, 2020









What's better than a listener request? A listener request that allows us to bring on a guest!

In this episode JT & Jeff talk with Bryan Winter, from I'm Board Games & Family Fun, about making your games retail-friendly and what makes a retailer interested in backing your Kickstarter?


Crafter Con 2017...