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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jul 31, 2019








For this episode, JT and Jeff cover a listener request that also serves as a great refresher for some past episodes as well!  


So join JT and Jeff as they discuss marketing your game and reaching out to reviewers!


Past Episodes to check out: 

How to Promote Your Games at The Game Crafter - Episode 20

Jul 24, 2019








On this episode, JT invites some friends along to discuss their partnership that might sound a little looney, and it is!


Join JT and Jeff as Kristin Looney and Laurie Menke from Looney Labs discuss their partnership with The Game Crafter to make Custom Loonacy decks available to everyone!


What is...

Jul 17, 2019








What's better than a listener request? Not much. But if you make that listener request about Protospiel; well that's just the sprinkles on top of an already awesome dessert!

JT and Jeff discuss some things to expect and avoid at your first Protospiel event. PROTOSPIEL!!!







Jeff can be found...

Jul 10, 2019








JT and Jeff really need your help this week! JT is requesting feedback in any way you wish to deliver it. 

For this episode, JT and Jeff start trying to understand what a playtest service through The Game Crafter would look like. They brainstorm a bit and offer up some suggestions, but in the end...

Jul 3, 2019








 JT steps up in this episode to discuss and clear up any confusion that might be surrounding 2 new services launched by The Game Crafter: Concierge and Laboratory!

Jeff takes on the role of the confused game designer. We know, such a stretch! Can JT get this lost soul to understand the differences between...