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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jan 30, 2019











JT and Jeff take on a listener request around playtest questionnaires. What should you ask? What should you never ask? And are their tools and services available for playtesting?


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Tabletop Game Playtesters:

Playtest HQ: 

Jan 23, 2019











JT and Jeff are back to talk about game mechanics/mechanisms again in their 101 style discussion to help get you familiar with different mechanics used in board game design.


In this episode, JT and Jeff will discuss Bidding and Take That style games. 




Jeff can be found at:


Jan 9, 2019











JT Smith, crusher of dreams, shares how he went through all the ideas in The Game Crafter's ideas system and reduced the overall number. In some cases that meant closing out ideas. Join us as JT explains his thought process to Jeff.


JT also discusses changes he made to the ideas system and asks for...

Jan 3, 2019











JT has boxes on the brain and Jeff tries to help with a little box therapy.


JT talks about the new Large Stout box and the upcoming Medium Stout Box. We also say goodbye to the Medium Game Box and the Large Pro Box.


JT also shares some other news about potential boxes in...