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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Mar 18, 2020









JT and Jeff take on not only a listener request, but some topics being discussed on The Game Crafter Facebook discussion group: Crowd Sales!


In this episode, JT and Jeff discuss some of the most recent new Crowd Sale features, but also ways to market your Crowd Sale within The Game Crafter, and outside...

Mar 11, 2020









This week's listener request has Andrew Voigt joining JT and Jeff to discuss Component Studio.

Andrew Voigt is producing content on The Game Crafter YouTube channel focusing on helping people learn more about Component Studio.

We discuss the Component Studio Show, features that have been added to...

Mar 4, 2020









This week's listener request has JT and Jeff discussing the previously run Escape Room Challenge. 

They discuss why they think it had a smaller amount of entries, what technology exists at The Game Crafter to help with this style of game, brainstorm some examples that don't necessarily rely...

Feb 19, 2020









Multiple people requested to hear her story. So JT and Jeff comply and sit down with Victoria Morrow to hear how she grew a community and has made close to 2000 sales for her game Equestrians Against Normalcy.

EAN Website:

EAN FB Page:

Feb 12, 2020









You've got a game, right? The foundation is solid, but there are a few things that might still need tweaking and balancing. Should you put your game out and worry about making those tweaks and balances on the fly as you get more time to playtest them?

That is the listener request that JT and Jeff are...