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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jun 28, 2017








Kate McCombs joins JT and Jeff to discuss her Tea and Empathy cards on The Game Crafter and what contributed to the initial sales.


Episode 129 also includes discussions of community, marketing, and word of mouth.


Tea and Empathy cards on TGC:


Jun 21, 2017








For episode 128, Jeff shares an iTunes review with JT. And then JT shares recent new items available at The Game Crafter as well as upcoming items that will be available soon. New miniatures, new resource tokens, custom dice, and extra box options; including the new Hook Box.


JT also asks for...

Jun 14, 2017








JT and Jeff talk to one of The Game Crafter community regulars; Mike Wokasch, aka Fairway.


For episode 127 Mike talks about winning and placing in TGC contests, running a successful Kickstarter for his game, Starving Artists, giving back to the community, and starting The Indie Game Report.


Fairway 3...

Jun 8, 2017








JT and Jeff are joined by Peter Dunlap-Shohl to discuss his discovery of The Game Crafter, being a cartoonist for a newspaper, writing a book about dealing with Parkinson's disease, and his blog; The Frozen Grin.


Peter created the White House of Cards on The Game Crafter and has seen quick success with...