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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Aug 28, 2019








JT and Jeff are joined by Cecilia and Eric Hyland, aka Tank & DPS. Cecilia and Eric share their experiences with working as a design team, attending conventions, pitching to publishers, and how they started their own podcast.


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Aug 21, 2019








Prototypes, like onions, have layers. They can also make you cry as you peel back those layers, but that's a story for another time.


JT & Jeff take on another listener request! This time they discuss the different types of prototypes you might go through while creating a game. 


They also discuss which...

Aug 14, 2019








JT and Jeff discuss another listener request. This week, they discuss their thoughts on making light versions of your games. 

Spoilers: JT and Jeff are both against MULTIPLE versions of a game. And they offer reasons why they believe that to be the case.










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Aug 7, 2019








Did we just get lucky? Or was it completely random that we got a listener request? JT and Jeff discuss a listener request that ask; does everyone really hate randomness in games?


JT and Jeff also cover a few ways to mitigate the randomness of dice and cards.










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