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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jan 25, 2017







So you finally did it! You got your game published! Congratulations! But how do you stay involved and active with The Game Crafter through (and after) the publishing process?


Well, that's what JT and Jeff tackle in Episode 107. Why? Because of a (say it with me now) sweet, sweet listener request!





Jan 18, 2017







Are you stressed out about contest deadlines? Do you wish The Game Crafter would have longer deadlines on some contests?


JT and Jeff discuss that very topic for episode 106's sweet, sweet listener request!








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AUG Twitter: 

Jan 11, 2017







Have you ever wondered about splitting up chits between multiple copies of the same game?


Well, you're not alone! JT and Jeff discuss this listener request for episode 105! Is it possible? Find out by taking a listen!








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Jan 4, 2017







Welcome to the first TGC podcast of 2017! And what better way to kick off the new year than to cover 2 great questions from one of our listeners!

JT and Jeff discuss showing currency conversions on the website. They also talk about geographic sales data. So where are the most sales internationally? How...