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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jan 24, 2018









What happens when not only one, but two listener requests want a little additional publisher insight? JT reaches out and brings on a guest! JT and Jeff are joined by Chris Leder. Chris works for Calliope Games and has several games that have already been published or are in the process of being...

Jan 18, 2018









JT is getting nervous about still having listener requests left over from 2017. So JT and Jeff revisit Bulk Order Fulfillment, with an emphasis on sending customized parts to The Game Crafter. JT and Jeff also discuss if The Game Crafter will ship to another company. 





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Jan 11, 2018









As a game designer, how do you go about finding art? How about a graphic designer? What's the difference between the two? This the listener request that JT and Jeff discuss in this week's episode. 





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Jan 4, 2018









JT and Jeff tackle another sweet, sweet listener request. This time they're asked about Art and Intellectual Property. Is it something you can use in your games? Some of this was covered previously, but JT and Jeff felt there was enough to cover in another episode.


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