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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Feb 22, 2017








What happens when The Game Crafter Assassin makes a sweet, sweet listener request? YOU DO THAT REQUEST!


For episode 111, JT and Jeff discuss borrowing game ideas from simple and complex games. Is it ok? When is it too much?  








Jeff can be found at:



Feb 15, 2017








So as a listener you really want more guests, huh? We hear ya!


In episode 110, JT and Jeff take on another sweet, sweet listener request that asks for more guests on the podcast. 


How do they do that? By inviting Jay Little to share his experience in the gaming industry, his convention experiences, his...

Feb 8, 2017








What happens when a sweet, sweet listener request asks for more guests on the podcast? Well, for this one JT and Jeff bring on Eric Jome.


Eric has a lot of credits in the gaming space: A published game designer, game developer, and Protospiel host. JT and Jeff talk to him about all of this and more, as...

Feb 1, 2017







JT and Jeff talk Protospiel! But not just any Protospiel. They discuss changes coming to Protospiel Madison in 2017.


From a new location, new dates, and the addition on a one day Crafter Con the Thursday before Protospiel Madison!


Crafter Con Site

Protospiel Madison Site








Jeff can be found...