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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Apr 26, 2018










Another great listener request has JT and Jeff discussing what it means to design for a contest.


So you've designed a few games from your own interests but now you might want to try a contest or two. If you've wondered what it's like to design for a contest; this episode will give you a break down on...

Apr 19, 2018










A request that is a follow-up to a previous request! And it can be a stand-alone, full episode!


That's right, JT and Jeff discuss a follow-up to episode 159: A Publisher Perspective with Chris Leder and The Game Crafter - Episode 159


Join JT and Jeff as they talk about different type of conventions...

Apr 11, 2018










JT and Jeff get a very specific listener request. So join JT and Jeff in welcoming Steven Aramini to the podcast; by request! Steven has entered and won multiple contests on The Game Crafter. Steven also has several published games under his belt, despite calling himself a designer newbie. Tricky...

Apr 5, 2018










Jeff shares another great iTunes review with JT.

Next, JT and Jeff discuss a listener request about an artist revenue sharing system at The Game Crafter. Is this a possibility? Keep listening. ;-}


JT shares how to gift something to The Game Crafter staff. And finally, JT discusses Deal of the Day...