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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Nov 25, 2015



Another listener request is tackled in Episode 46!


This time JT and Jeff discuss multimedia tabletop games and their opinions on where they currently fit in to gaming. JT also brings us the thoughts of Steve Jackson, from Steve Jackson Games, and James Mathe, from Minion Games; based on a conversation he had with...

Nov 18, 2015



JT and Jeff take Episode 45 on the road, as they record in front of an audience at Crafter Con 2015!



The main topic of this episode is: Just how big is The Game Crafter?


But JT and Jeff also take some audience questions along the way.  




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Nov 11, 2015



Welcome to Episode 44 of The Game Crafter Official Podcast! JT & Jeff once again take on another listener request.


This time JT & Jeff are talking about when to use Print on Demand vs an overseas Long Print Run for a Kickstarter campaign?


Is this this a true "versus" concept? Or can both be utilized to help you...

Nov 4, 2015



For episode 43, JT & Jeff take it back to the basics with another listener request: I've got an idea for a game, what do I do now?


JT & Jeff take this episode to discuss a general process you might want to consider while designing your game.




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