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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Dec 30, 2015



Sure, celebrating episode 50 was cool and all, but Episode 51 is where it's at!


Why? Because this is the 1-year anniversary of The Game Crafter Official Podcast!


Thanks for hanging out with us and listening to us talk about all things The Game Crafter for an entire year!


Just like we did when we started this...

Dec 23, 2015




Wow! Episode 50! And what better way to celebrate Episode 50, but with another listener request!


In this episode JT and Jeff discuss engraved dice and there potential future at The Game Crafter. Along the way, JT shares other options that The Game Crafter has looked at and if they are still on the table or...

Dec 16, 2015




2015 might be winding down, but JT and Jeff continue to answer questions from our awesome podcast listeners!


In Episode 49, JT and Jeff tackle a listener request that asks; can The Game Crafter share more of the customers contact information with the game designers?


NOTE: Please make sure you let us know your...

Dec 9, 2015




Another episode, another listener request!


Episode 48 has JT and Jeff discussing CCGs and TCGs. Should you design one? If you do design one, how can you utilize The Game Crafter in the process?


JT and Jeff also touch on a few functions in the works, and discuss a few printables that might compliment a...

Dec 2, 2015




Episode 47 has JT and Jeff tackling yet another listener request! And another follow-up from a previous request!


JT and Jeff discuss the issue of a certain size box not existing at The Game Crafter currently. They talk briefly about the Ideas system again, and also why you might not want to always be looking for...