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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Sep 28, 2017









What goes into calculating the MSRP of a game at The Game Crafter? How about what goes into calculating the MSRP of a game in general? Why is the range of answers you typically hear in the 5x to 10x range? What should you base your game's MSRP on?


These are all questions that JT and Jeff discuss in...

Sep 20, 2017









What happens when an episode looks like it is going to be too short for even JT? He asks Jeff to pull a second listener request!

So tonight, JT Smith and Jeff King discuss not one, but two topics requested by listeners. The first, is a listener looking for magnetic parts and the viability of The Game...

Sep 13, 2017








Sometimes good ideas get lost in the shuffle. Lucky for JT and Jeff there are awesome listeners ready to remind them of topics they still need to discuss!


In episode 140, JT and Jeff get a listener request that reminds them to discuss playtesting. What are some different types of playtesting? What should...

Sep 7, 2017








JT drags Jeff into a discussion about teamwork. Lucky for JT he brought a guest that is a bit more willing to have the discussion.


In episode 139, Colin Kuske (aka colink in chat) joins JT and Jeff to discuss some of the projects him and JT have worked on together for The Game Crafter. They also share...