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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Apr 26, 2017








On episode 120, JT tells Jeff, and you, about changes coming to The Game Crafter. Some of them have already happened. And some of them are future changes coming in the next few weeks.


Jeff sneaks in a Sweet, Sweet Listener Request as well.  







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Apr 19, 2017








JT and Jeff are joined by Fabio Del Rio of CSE Games to discuss how The Game Crafter fits into this publishers business model, above and beyond prototyping.


CSE Games also has a Kickstarter you can check out right now, and running through May 10, 2017: Fantasy Fantasy Football. 


Fantasy Fantasy...

Apr 12, 2017








On episode 118, JT and Jeff are joined by a member of The Game Crafter community to talk about a variety of topics. Jason Miceli joins the podcast to discuss game design, starting a business, the ups and downs of Kickstarter and Crowd Sales, utilizing the Designer Table Sponsorship, running a game design...

Apr 5, 2017








Episode 117 finds JT and Jeff attending Protospiel Milwaukee, and hanging out with Dave Garacci to discuss 3D Printing.


Tactical Game Systems:

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