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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Aug 31, 2016






Episode 86 brings us another listener request in the form of BOXCEPTION!


JT and Jeff discuss what it would take to be able to order a "box within a box" in The Game Crafter's design and order system.







Aug 24, 2016






Episode 85 brings us another great listener request! JT and Jeff discuss ways to cope with being overwhelmed or blocked in the game design process. Maybe you'll find a new way to approach this difficult situation that we all find ourselves in at some point in the game design process.





Aug 22, 2016






JT and Jeff once again tackle a listener request! For episode 84 they discuss their thoughts, opinions, and ideas of using The Game Crafter to create expansions and custom components for games that already exist on the market.






Aug 10, 2016






JT and Jeff take on another listener request. Previously, JT and JEff talked about why Crafter Con 2016 didn't take place. For episode 83, a listener asks them discuss the specifics of what is needed to keep Crafter Con going.


Make sure you provide your feedback for Crafter Con!



Aug 4, 2016




It took getting to 82 episodes, but it finally happened! JT and Jeff are joined by Tavis Parker, from The Game Crafter!


For those unaware, Tavis handles a lot of the social media, SEO, event planning, promotions, etc... for The Game Crafter.


We talk a little about events, but Tavis focuses primarily on the...