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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Mar 13, 2019











Space! The final frontier? Or a problem that The Game Crafter is trying to currently solve?


In this episode, JT and Jeff discuss a listener request about the possibility of TGC being a one-stop shop solution for printing and storing games to sell.


Is this a possibility? Does TGC have the...

Mar 6, 2019











Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and cozy up to the fire. It's Sweet, Sweet Listener Request time!


For this episode, JT and Jeff discuss if there are games that are inappropriate for Protospiel events and if paying extra for sponsorships is worth it.


This topic is covered as Protospiel Milwaukee...

Feb 27, 2019











Is everyone telling you, maybe even us in a previous podcast, that your game is too long or costs too much? Should you just scrap everything? Is it impossible to get sales for a game like that?


Well, we've also told you in the past to make your game and not worry about what other games are out...

Feb 7, 2019











JT and Jeff talk to Arthur Franz about his success on The Game Crafter. Arthur has had to overcome many obstacles with his current board game, Breakaway Football,  as an indie game designer: The game costs over $50, it's not being sold by a "big name" publisher, and it's a sports genre...

Jan 30, 2019











JT and Jeff take on a listener request around playtest questionnaires. What should you ask? What should you never ask? And are their tools and services available for playtesting?


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