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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Mar 24, 2017








The Trick Taking contest is currently in the finals, but what were some of the games that looked interested to JT and Jeff while community voting was happening? That's what the listener request is all about in Episode 115! 










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Mar 15, 2017








Episode 114 is full of exciting news that JT can't wait to share with The Game Crafter community!


There are some great shipping changes coming to The Game Crafter and you don't want to miss JT and Jeff talking about them here! 










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Mar 8, 2017








Another sweet, sweet listener request! And this time JT and Jeff have to answer the question:




Come on, there was no way these show notes were getting written without a Se7en reference!


So what is are the "must haves" and the "nice to haves" on any game...

Mar 1, 2017








Thanks again for another Sweet, Sweet Listener Request!


This time, JT and Jeff discuss custom components for a contest, legacy style games, and selling replacement kits.


Episode 10 - Parts Ordering and Inventory  








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Feb 22, 2017








What happens when The Game Crafter Assassin makes a sweet, sweet listener request? YOU DO THAT REQUEST!


For episode 111, JT and Jeff discuss borrowing game ideas from simple and complex games. Is it ok? When is it too much?  








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