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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Oct 16, 2019








Another listener request that gives JT and Jeff a mechanism to cover!


JT and Jeff discuss the game mechanisms of Real-Time and Simultaneous Action Selection. They provide a few games that use each. And include some potential pros and cons of each mechanism.













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Oct 9, 2019





JT takes us down memory lane thanks to a listener request. He covers the history, business dealings, and other various timelines associated with The Captain is Dead; from the beginning of him getting involved with the game, to recent events.















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Oct 2, 2019





 JT and Jeff discuss a listener request that is a follow-up to a previous listener request!


This time they are sharing their thoughts on deluxe add-ons for games. Are these worth having? Does it dilute your marketing, like different versions of your game can? Are there pros and cons to having add-ons?