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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jan 6, 2016



We start 2016 with in one of our favorite ways: Answering a listener request!


In episode 52 JT and Jeff talk about some of the highest selling items and the lowest selling items on The Game Crafter.


JT and Jeff talk games and individual products available for purchase on The Game Crafter.





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Jeff King
eight and a half years ago


Thanks for the comment and the questions!

I'm going to share them with JT and we'll probably turn it in to a future episode (or two).



Tim Proctor
eight and a half years ago

So I love the podcast, I have been listening since episode 5 (I listened to the originals too). I want to say that I love the content.

I believe the reason that the Flower and Invader mats don't do well is because they are thin and don't hold up well for boards. If they were printed at Tile thickness then they would hold up really well and give the stability that dynamic boards need. As it is now the mats just flop around and get moved or curl.

So here are some questions:

1) is it feasible for TGC to have Tiles for each Mat size? Which ones can they not, cause I would love Small Hex Tile sized Mats.

2) if someone is going to send a review copy for you two, when is the best time of year to do so (when is it slower and less likely to be overwhelemed and thus more likely to be positive about the game)?

3) in an earlier episode there was a mention about tricks and tips to reduce the impact of drift, what are they? As a follow up, what are the other design tricks and tips that allow design with TGC to really pop?

4) Out of all the games on TGC, what price point sold the most (in total dollars). Meaning games that were $10-15, $15-20, ... $80-100?