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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jun 29, 2016




Has it really happened? Are JT and Jeff out of Listener Requests?!? With Episode 77, they finish all the known requests in the queue.


And for this episode they do some follow-up to discuss Print on Demand vs. Long Run Printers, and what the future might hold for both.


Make sure you get those requests in!


Some previous episodes that might help:

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Tim Proctor
almost eight years ago

Since you're out of listener requests, here are some specific questions/topics:

1) What are the up and coming things for TGC, what are the big things that you are actively looking into doing (new laser cut chit designs, the ability for crafters to plug in their own laser cut dimensions and such, etc.)?

2) How can a crafter get a box within a box (boxception)? Meaning if I had a game in a Large Pro Box or a Large Retail Box and wanted some tuck boxes or card wraps in there, and how would I delineate what cards should go in there?

3) Are there any discounts (beyond the bulk price listed) for big bulk orders (i.e. 1,000 or more)? What is the roughly expected production timeline associated with a standard game (say something around the $29.99 mark mostly printed components) to produce 1,000 units? If someone wanted to run a kickstarter with 1,000 units, what type of timeline would TGC want in order to fulfill everything?

4) What would it take for another Crafter Con? I know you said it was hard, required special favors, etc. but what would it actually take? Tell us what you need, and as a community we might be able to make it happen.