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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Nov 11, 2015



Welcome to Episode 44 of The Game Crafter Official Podcast! JT & Jeff once again take on another listener request.


This time JT & Jeff are talking about when to use Print on Demand vs an overseas Long Print Run for a Kickstarter campaign?


Is this this a true "versus" concept? Or can both be utilized to help you succeed in the Kickstarter marketplace? Listen in and find out! 





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Darrek - Neanderthal Games
eight and a half years ago

Your quote was only $10 less for you or the average Joe? If the latter, that is very interesting. I assumed the gap between China-made and TGC to be much wider!

Thanks for the reply!

JT Smith
eight and a half years ago

I disagree. I wouldn't lower the price just cuz my cost is lower. 1000 units from China is only $10 per copy less than what I can produce it for via TGC once you factor in shipping. Going to China would just mean I could make some more profit to pay off the artwork and maybe put a little in my pocket. Its nice to believe that going cheaper means you'll sell a ton more units, but even if it were true, going through the hassle of importing and not making any extra profit is just not worth it.

Darrek Neanderthal Games
eight and a half years ago

I notice you mentioned Hamlet Builder Pro would have failed if you tried the 30k funding goal if you only wanted to get the large China print run. Wouldn't your backer levels be lower too? That would have created a lower barrier to entry for backers (maybe 35 dollars vs 50 dollars) and you might have gotten more backers. Just something to chew on.