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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jun 24, 2015

JT and Jeff take some time to answer questions they typically hear from new people, or often in chat. We are all over the place, but so are the questions we hear a lot.


Hopefully we have been able to give a focal point for some f these questions, but we're still happy to continue to answer them in chat. ;-}


Do you have additional questions they can attempt to answer? How about a new topic they should cover? Please let them know!


How To Promote Your Games at The Game Crafter - Episode 20:





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Jeff King
over eight years ago

Laurie Hester,

Have you had a chance to listen to I Have A Game Idea Now What with The Game Crafter - Episode 43?

If not, I'd recommend starting there. If you have, and have any other specific questions you'd like us to attempt to answer, please feel free to ask and we'll work them in to a new episode.



Laurie Hester
over eight years ago

I have a game idea that I have set out in a Mind Map. It is now so big I am not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

Jeff King
eight and a half years ago


I've added it to the show notes, but we were talking about Episode 20 of The Game Crafter podcast:

eight and a half years ago

You mentioned a podcast (7 minutes in) about publicising your game, I wondered if you could put a link through to it?

Norvell Booker
almost nine years ago

I have an idea for a board game. What should I do?

JT Smith
almost nine years ago

@Laurie: The best way to create custom minis on our site is to use sticker pawns and pawn stickers:

We don't do book publishing, but we do create saddle stitched booklets. That will get you up to 40 pages per booklet:

You do download templates from our site and format your artwork to the templates. After you've done that, move on to the editor to start uploading your art and making your game.

almost nine years ago

Hi, I am helping my son, who is on the Autism spectrum, realize his dream of making his table top game a reality. I want to help him create a prototype and Vocational Rehabilitation, a federal program for people with disabilities, will help us with some funding. How would we create custom minis that we have designed ourselves (rather than generic minis)? Do you also do book module publishing? I saw great ideas on your site, but everything looked like templates. I am doing the art for my son's game and want to know how we can do custom boxes, minis, maps and dice based on the art I did. Thank you! :)

Jeff King
almost nine years ago


There are a lot of people over at The Game Crafter, specifically in The Game Crafter chat, that are willing to answer questions that someone getting started might have.

There are also lots of great information in the Help section of The Game Crafter to get you started on the path.

olivia hawkins
almost nine years ago

I want to create a board game to played online. I don't have any experience or do I know how to get started.Can you help me get it started please. Thanks, Olivia Hawkins