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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Sep 16, 2015

In episode 36, Jeff & JT take on what it means to get involved with the gaming community. Both share examples of ways you can jump in, interact, and belong to the greater gaming community.


Jeff is going to share a few of the links talked about, but there are a lot more out there for you to find and be a part of!


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Jeff King
almost nine years ago

First, thanks for the feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the podcast and very cool about finding a meetup in your area!

Typically, the Libsyn RSS feed is where you will get episodes the quickest. The previous episode you are talking about had a hiccup that I didn't notice until getting ready to post a new episode; especially since it downloaded to my podcatcher, etc... But that is a rare case.

TGC spaces out their news for SEO reasons and so they don't spam. So sometimes it will be a week or more before they post about a new episode.



Swift Illusion
almost nine years ago

Relatively confused about the best location to respond to these considering the date of the previous episode posted on here was after it was in The Game Crafter news feed, but now this is here without existing on The Game Crafter.
Regardless though wanted to say thanks for another awesome episode. I've been thoroughly enjoying binge-listening to all the previous episodes, and this new one especially helped my hopeful entry further into the world of board games, as thanks to learning about 'meetup' I finally discovered a fun sounding board game group in Australia/Melbourne (being socially awkward without anyone to play board games with myself), and hoping it goes well this weekend :)!