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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Jul 22, 2015

Episode 28 is all about Gen Con 2015! Well, it's specific to the events surrounding The Game Crafter, but even those are enough for JT and Jeff to fill an entire episode!


  • The Game Crafter Booth
    • Check out all our printables and parts
    • Meet the staff
    • Play games
  • Community Game Night
    • Friday, the 31st from 8pm until whenever
    • Show off your prototype, play others
    • $4 ticket, event #ZED1571160
    • Room ICC 120
  • Community Social Night
    • Free!
    • Food, drinks, and rabble rousing 
    • 7pm to 9pm O’rielly’s Pub
    • 9pm to ? Scotties Brew House
  • JT’s speaking (Industry Insider)
    • Kickstarting for fun and profit
    • Building games in the garage
    • Kickstarter, the next generation
    • Is my game done?
    • Getting the word out
    • Marketing your game or blog
  • Live Podcast
    • Part 1 recorded during the Community Game Night
    • Part 2 recorded during te Community Social Night
  • Jeff is also attending:
    • Nerd Night For Charity
    • Thu at 07:00 PM
    • Union Station : Grand Hall






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