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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Feb 10, 2016



In episode 57, JT and Jeff implement a new listener request for the podcast itself and discuss the listener topic of form and functionality versus cost.


First, JT and Jeff brainstorm some ideas for the specific issue brought up, to show there there are multiple ways to tackle a problem. And then they discuss some general ideas and questions to consider when thinking about cost versus functionality.






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JT Smith
almost eight years ago

Parkies has a lot of content that we could scale nicely during the Kickstarter when doing it in bulk (lots of tiles). But having to do it on a one of basis is much more expensive. That's the difference. I think I've only sold 1 copy since the KS due to the price.

almost eight years ago

Interestingly in this and the last episode you said that very few people will buy a game over 50 Dollars. Yet Parkies is 75 Dollars (the exact number you used as to explain that nobody will pay for an indie Game ^^) I am curious why it is that expensive? I assume it is because of Alishas Artwork but nonetheless I'd like to know. Sadly with customs and shipping this would be 120-130 Dollars and I am not willing to pay that much even if I love the Game/artwork/everything about Parkies. I pity myself for missing the kickstarter. I would have paid 50 plus EU friendly shipping :(

Anyway, keep up the great work. I am still up for my first Design but someday I will finish one. ^^