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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Dec 11, 2019









In this listener's request, JT and Jeff tackle the electrifying topic of potentially adding acrylic lightning bolts as a regular part! But also what goes into the decision making factor for adding most parts that The Game Crafter now makes in-house!


Parts Ordering And Inventory - Episode 10:

Nov 27, 2019









JT & Jeff bring the newest member of The Game Crafter media team to discuss Rocky Reviews, the latest show you can check out!

A huge welcome to Rocky Heckman! Rocky shares his experiences as a reviewer, what he is looking for from components, and publishing games; including Rare Roses, a game currently...

Nov 20, 2019









JT & Jeff get to combine the mechanism series, a listener request, and a contest!

The Game Crafter staff is judging the current Roll and Write contest. So in this episode, JT and Jeff take a quick look at what a Roll and Write is, what a Flip and Write is, and details about the current contest.



Nov 13, 2019









Congratulations to the Mint Tin contest for breaking the old record of 144 entries with an amazing 184 entries!


JT and Jeff take this episode and cover a few of the entries they noticed for the Mint Tin contest. What made these particular games stand out for JT and Jeff? Check out the episode to...

Nov 6, 2019









JT and Jeff take on a topic that all game designers face eventually: How to find and keep appropriate playtesters?

JT and Jeff list various ways you can find playtesters. Some you might not have thought of trying previously. They also discuss making sure your game is ready to be playtested. And share...