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The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Dec 28, 2016







JT and Jeff have been discussing The Game Crafter, what goes on at The Game Crafter, and the amazing community that surrounds The Game Crafter for 2 years now!

That's right, welcome to not on the End of Year wrap-up, but the 2 year anniversary of The Game Crafter Official Podcast! 








Jeff can...

Dec 21, 2016







JT and Jeff discuss the various ways you can order from The Game Crafter, as well as any fees associated with each ordering process.


This listener request will give you all the information you need about the fee differences when ordering a single prototype to using the Bulk Order Fulfillment system. 


Dec 14, 2016







Sometimes JT and Jeff have no idea how to tackle a listener request. When that happens, they try to bring in some experts to help.


That's the case for episode 101 as JT invites Don Eskridge and Kyle Brockman to discuss social deduction games. 








Jeff can be found at:


Dec 8, 2016







For episode 100 we take a small break from listener requests and discuss a question JT gets asked of and on at gaming events; especially now that he has a game signed by a publisher.


So sit back, relax, and think of wads and wads of cash as JT tells Jeff what it's like: Living The Dream!









Nov 30, 2016







What is the possibility of The Game Crafter accepting cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin?


That is the topic of the listener request JT and Jeff are covering in episode 99. 


JT also asks for feedback on other versions of payment that The Game Crafter can also potentially implement.








Jeff can...